Friday, July 3, 2009

Mini Swarm? I'm Confused...

OK, it's official - I'm very confused.

This morning we finally had some good weather - it was actually sunny! Around 9:30AM I noticed a large fog of bees around the front of the hive. I thought it may have been another saved up orientation flight (since they couldn't do it in the rain). But about an hour later there were almost no bees in front of the hive.

I put on my boots (since the back yard has about 2 inches of water standing on it due to the recent rains) and as I walked toward the backyard, I heard back up in the trees the definite sound of a swarm of bees! It looks like my hive swarmed AGAIN! I couldn't see anything due to the leaves, and about an hour later the sound was gone (so they had either settled or moved on).

But this occurrence raises a lot of questions for me. Is it possible they swarmed again? By my calculation, they couldn't have had a queen born yet. But I could be wrong. What causes them to do this?

I'm going to go into the hive today (a day earlier than I planned) to check things out.


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