Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pleasant Afternoon

Yesterday we had very harsh rains. Obviously the bees stayed in. Today was clear and the weather was in the 70's at the high. Around 2 in the afternoon, I looked out and saw a lot of activity in front of the green hive. The new bees were doing their orientation flights, just lazily hovering in front of the hive. Very serene! The picture doesn't do it justice...


  1. Steven, do you still have a honey super on or are you leaving that for the bees for winter? I am treating my hives right now with Formic Acid to kill tracheal and varroa mites. I didn't want to do it but the counts were up.

  2. My bees never did a thing with my honey supers. They drew out maybe 1/2 of one frame - quite disappointing. So I removed the (empty) honey super, and am just using the 2 deep supers.

    Interesting thing - when I placed the formic acid pad on the top of the hive bars (with a spacer stick), the bees collectively gave a roar of discontent - they didn't like the additional odor!

  3. The super seen in the picture above just covers the feeding jars - it is otherwise empty.


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