Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Queen is Loose! (and I am not talking about her morals...)

Last Saturday I installed the new queen into the Brown Hive. This week has been so busy, I haven't had a chance to make sure they released her.

This evening I did a quick check of the hive, and sure enough, the queen cage was empty. I removed it and put back in the missing frame (which was removed to leave space for the queen cage).

While I was there, I checked on the top honey super of the Green Hive. There were 2 frames which had foundation already drawn out, and the other 8 frames were just foundation. Well, the bees have filled up one of the 2 drawn-out frames with nectar (not yet capped), and have drawn out maybe 1/2 of one of the other frames. Not much activity in my opinion. But maybe we need a better nectar flow (which I am told will be coming in early June). I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I also put on the honey super on the Brown Hive. Hey, it can't hurt, right? Here's how things look today:

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