Monday, September 5, 2011

Nuc not thriving...

I visited the Nuc back on August 18th. You'll recall this is the nuc that I relocated from my bee yard on 7/21 to a distant yard in order to keep the other hives from robbing it. I would expect that it would have rebounded by now and started to show some improvement.

But here's what I found on the inspection on 8/18:

Notice the *very* spotty brood pattern. This looks a lot like a queenless hive - where most of the brood was hatched. But I found the queen:

(lower left quadrant) so I know she is there. Maybe she is a poor layer? The other bees haven't tried to supercede her (yet).

One thing that could be in play is that I noticed a lack of nectar in the comb. I had been feeding the bees sugar syrup (1:1) but haven't been very diligent in keeping feed on the hive. That day I added another 2 quarts.

I'll probably go out and check it in the next day or so, and take more feed. I need to think about moving it back to my yard, so I can get it beefed up for the winter.

Any thoughts and/or suggestions?

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  1. Are you sure there are no eggs or larvae in the empty cells? Are there a good number of bees? I'm no expert but from what I've read the queen will slow down when there's a dearth. If you haven't been feeding them and there is no flow, there is no reason for her to lay. Also, if there are no stores they can use to feed the larvae then she wouldn't lay, right? I'm sure there's better advice out there. :)


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