Monday, May 27, 2013

Sutton Has Bees!!

I got a call yesterday from the guy from whom I buy my bee packages. They were in, so this morning I mad a drive to Rhode Island to pick them up.

There were surprisingly few dead bees on the bottom. I was pleased with that. I gave the package a good squirt of water on both sides, because water is something the bees can' t get from the package contents.
Remember that a package consists of about 10,000 bees, a queen in a queen cage, and a can of sugar syrup as food for the journey.

Later this afternoon I took the bees over to Sutton, along with the brand spankin' new hive parts I ordered a few months ago. It is nice to see such brand new equipment! It was already painted, so there wasn't anything for me to do.

I decided to make a video of the package installation. It's been a while since I've done a video, and I have a few friends who get a kick out of the videos. You can watch it at the end.

Here's a picture after I dumped the bees in, and replaced the frames. I didn't have my smoker (forgot it!) so I used the spray bottle with sugar syrup. It worked just as well - the bees were busy cleaning themselves of the sugar, and not aggressive at all.

When I was done with the installation, I added a couple jars of sugar syrup (plus the can they came with) to give them a jump start. There is also a pollen patty under the inner cover.

The installation went real well - no problems. After 5 years as a beekeeper, I hope I wouldn't have any package problems!!

And, without further fanfare, here is the video!


  1. Such a nice post. Glad to find your post, to read it and watch the video. Keep sharing N Thanks a ton for sharing.

  2. Forgot the smoker! At least the spray worked. I might try that sometime. Hope all goes well with the new bees.


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