Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Habemus Apes!

We have bees!

Monday morning I drove to Barre MA to pick up 3 packages. I will be installing one package in Sutton, and 2 in my backyard.

Since I traded in my truck for a Jeep, they had to ride up front with me (the back of my Jeep was full). No problems - didn't have any "hitchhikers" (bees riding on the outside of the package) like last time.

I couldn't hive the packages right away, so I was going to let them sit on my kitchen table until the evening.

But my cat took an interest to those buzzing things! She started pawing at one corner of the box where a couple of bees were walking around. The screen on the packages is just normal nylon window screening, very easy for a set of claws to tear through! So I put the packages in the garage - I didn't want to come home with 10's of thousands of bees loose in the house!

The next day I worked from home, so I was able to take some time to hive the packages.

Everything went as planned, so now we have bees!

These pictures are from my backyard hives - I also installed one package in Sutton.

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