Thursday, June 18, 2009


The title (and picture above) pretty much tell the story of the last week and the next week - rain! There was a clear day last Saturday, but that's about it.

The bees don't go out and fly when it's raining. So they are all stuck in the hive, and they get cranky when that happens. Also, since they aren't out gathering pollen and nectar, they are consuming the honey they have stored in the hive (hey - a bee's gotta eat, you know?). So if you started out a couple of weeks ago with a good deal of honey, they can eat it down quite a bit. And if you didn't have enough, they could actually go hungry! I'm hoping that is not the case with my bees - I'd hate for them to starve. If the rain holds off for any significant period of time, they can send out the forragers.

I'm hoping for a break either Saturday or Sunday so I can go in and inspect the hive. It'll be interesting if I have any honey left in the brood area!!

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