Monday, August 10, 2009

Busy as a Bee!

I looked out at the hives this morning, and was very pleased to see some good bee activity. They are bringing in pollen from somewhere, bright orange (my wife said she saw lots of bees on her cone flowers). I was very glad to see this activity - the hives have struggled over the past few weeks / months. I hope things continue to improve.

Here's a short video of the same:

The green hive was started from a Nuc a little over a week ago, and is doing well. I've still got the entrance reducer on it a little. When I add the 2nd brood box I'll take off the reducer (they need to build up their numbers a little bit more). Eventually I'd like to see something like this much activity.

Note to self: I think I need to trim a tree branch which hangs out into the yard, and shades the green hive a little. I want the hive to get a good dose of sun early in the mornings...

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