Sunday, August 30, 2009

Inspection 8-30-09

Saturday is the day I usually do inspections, but it rained cats and dogs yesterday. It was supposed to rain all day today, but it turned out to be very sunny and warm, so I thought I'd squeeze in a hive inspection mid afternoon. I looked out and saw a lot of activity, mostly orienting flights, probably due to being cooped up yesterday due to the rain.

Green Hive

Had a good inspection on the green hive - no problems with aggressive bees, and was even able to see the queen. Here are some pictures; you can see her in the upper right of the frame (look for the green dot):

Also notice how nice the brood pattern is on this frame - nice even cell capping, and you can see some larvae. I also saw eggs. So this hive looks to be doing well. There were about 4 frames on the top which they haven't touched, so plenty of room.

Brown Hive

Now on to the brown hive. I was excited to really get in there and find the queen, and maybe move around a few frames (to help get things ready for winter). But it was not to be. Things started out not so well after I removed the first frame in the top chamber (to make room), I started hearing the buzzing ratcheting up a notch. As I was going through the frames on top, there were a few bees (probably the guard bees) which were giving me a hard time; they were "dive bombing" me, butting into my veil and jacket, and harassing my hands. The only word I can think of to describe them is: grouchy!

I did manage to see eggs, and saw some good brood patterns, but then the bees had finally had enough. I got a sting on my right index finger (which I don't think was my fault this time - I was careful not to squish anyone); shortly thereafter I got stung on my right ankle (my bee pants hang down with folds, and one got me on my sock). I closed up the hive and went in. So I wasn't in a very good mood afterward (still am not). I have bee boots, but I usually don't wear them. But I will now.

But from what I saw the bees in the brown hive are doing well enough. They haven't done hardly anything in the honey super, but I decided to leave it on. When the end of September comes, if they haven't done anything I'll take it off then.

I ordered some pollen patties (pollen substitutes) to feed the hives; I don't know if they are hurting for pollen, since I saw lots of bees with pollen baskets full. But more will never hurt. And I continue to feed the green hive sugar syrup (I will eventually feed the brown hive as well).

And next time I'll pick a time to inspect during the late morning, when a lot of bees will be gone. And not right after a rainstorm like this weekend...

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  1. Your queen is quite lovely and the colour green really suits her ;) Yes the brood pattern looks really healthy.


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