Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Amazing Queen Bee...

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I made a comment on the forum that I wanted to make here.

On May 20th I made a nuc from a frame with a swarm cell (to prevent swarming of one of the hives). I checked last Saturday and was amazed to find a laying queen in the hive. The thing that amazes me is when I think that a queen was born in the nuc, found her way to a DCA, mated, and made it back to my nuc all on her own. And now she's laying.

This nuc is nestled under a tree along the same tree line (I don't exactly have the best locations for my apiary). Not exactly visible from the air - you have to go up over my house (which looks like a lot of the houses in the neighborhood). This is the first time I successfully made a split and a new queen.

Here's an overhead picture of my house in my neighborhood:

and here's the nuc sitting under a tree (the brown one):

Bees are amazing critters!!

That is all...

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