Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Road Trip!

Earlier this month our family made a 2250-mile (ugh!) road trip to Ohio and back. It was a lot of driving! As I was planning the driving route, I noticed that we passed along I-80 right by Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, a beekeeping supply place from which I have ordered in the past. One of the difficulties in getting beekeeping equipment is paying for the shipping charges. A lot of the equipment is heavy (as in solid wood), so that accounts for a lot of the cost.

I figured as we were passing so close, I'd stop in and pick up some supplies. So about a week before the trip, I called in an order and told them when I'd be by to pick it up. I calculated I would save around $60 in shipping charges, so it was definitely worth it. So I planned to leave some space in the van to pick up the items.

Well, it turned out that we ended up bringing back from Ohio some extra items (including a big dresser which we strapped to the top of the van). The space planned for the beekeeping equipment was used up fast. But I did end up fitting in pieces in the nooks and crannies where I could. Here's what it looked like when we arrived at home:

We made it back just fine, and now I have some more wood to assemble!

On a nature note, on the way home we stopped to get gas in NY and on the concrete I found this interesting bug. It was about 3 inches across (wingspan). Here's a picture of it on my 9-year-old's hand (with a comb, so you can see the size comparison):

Tracy looked up on the internet, and found out it was a Pandorus Sphynx Moth. It is common in New England, and the boys were just fascinated by it. The detailed coloring was amazing.

While in Cincinnati, I visited with a former middle-school classmate who I haven't seen in literally *30* years! But with the technology of Facebook, we reconnected and paid her a visit. Her 9-year old son likes to read this blog, and said "I really like your videos - you need to post another one!" So, Will, I made a new video just for you! It is my bee yard, focusing on the busy bees in the evening:

With this warm weather, the hives were very busy. I haven't inspected them for about 2 weeks now; I think tomorrow I'll take a peek and see how they are doing. I'll be sure to report here!

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  1. How great to visit Brushy! I'm too far away for that but I know what you mean about shipping costs.


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