Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bad news in Sutton...

Bad news for the Sutton hives - both are dead.

When I visited them last month, only one hive was dead. I put sugar candy on the live hive, with hopes that they would make it through the winter.

This was the sight when I arrived to check the hive today:

You can see the bees had eaten the center of the bee candy, and there was plenty left. But the clue to the bees demise is all the brown spots you see - that's a sign of Nosema.

So the Sutton hives are no more. I need to contact the owner to see what he wants to do - if he wants bees next year, we'll have to get a package or two of bees.

So the current count is:
  • Sutton Hive 1 - dead (Nosema)
  • Sutton Hive 2 - dead (starvation)
  • Green Hive - dead (starvation)
  • Pink Hive - living
  • Brown Hive - living



  1. I had a total loss this year, both hives dead in two separate locations in Virginia. I'm starting over again from "Jump Street" for the 3rd year in a row. If that's not the charm then, perhaps, scrapping the Langs for a fixed comb model of beekeeping (Warré hives and their derivatives) will be. Skill and Persistence!

  2. I am sorry to hear this news! Do you treat for Nosema at all? I usually do, but hey, I've got a track record that is only a few seconds longer than yours!

    So far, fingers crossed, knock on wood, we are ok, but spring isn't here yet either.

  3. Steve, my heart goes out to you. I was pretty certain one of my hives had died from Nosema too--brown stains all down the front of the hive.


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