Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Honey of a Giveaway!

For most of my life, I didn't care about the various seasons. When it got warm, it got warm. But since I have been keeping bees, I have been more aware of the life cycle of the bees as it relates to the seasons.

Spring is when the bees come out of their hives and start looking for pollen. It's the start of their season.

In celebration (and encouragement) of Spring to come as soon as possible, I have decided to give away a jar of honey!

Here's what you need to do to win a half-pint jar of Steven's Bees honey:
  • You can get one entry by clicking "Like" on my Steven's Bees Facebook page (see the "Find us on Facebook" banner at the right)
  • You can get an additional entry by "Following" this blog with Google Friend Connect (look for "Followers of Steven's Bees" a little lower on the right)
  • So you can have up to two chances to win if you both "Like" the Facebook group and "Follow" this blog (note: you do not have to leave a comment on the blog like other blogs' contests. It won't change your chance of winning)
  • On or around March 31, 2011 I will have a random number drawing for the winner of the jar of honey
  • I will then mail the lucky winner the half-pint jar
So that's it! I look forward to finding out who will receive the honey!

(I am solely responsible for determining the winner, and all decisions are final. It's only honey, after all!)


  1. What a generous idea Steve. My wife goes to a lot of 'crafty' blogs and they ofen have swaps and give aways. I didn't think there would be one on a bee site. Don't worry though, even if I do win I don't expect it to be sent to Australia, not to mention probably not allowed.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Very cool. I am about an hour north of you in Harvard. I am just learning about bees. I lost all my hives this winter (not enough food) but will try again this year.

    Take Care,

  3. @Mike - are you a member of the bee club? One of our members, Marc Sevigny, lives in Harvard (he owns the property of the Shaker Village in Harvard).

  4. Steeve
    Who's the Winner :)
    Just checking in


  5. See here for the winner:

    -- Steven


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